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LOGUN ‘GLADI8OR’ .177 PCP Air Rifle.

Complete set up, as per images, to include the JSR Target / Competition / Hunting 6-24×44 AO Scope, mounts, Red Laser dot and micro hunting torch. These rifles come with a 20” Walther Lowther Barrel which is threaded ½” UNF to take its original (?) manufacturers sound moderator. They also offer MASSIVE shot count over more conventional PCP air rifles due to the huge air capacity. Not only the standard air cylinder under the barrel but the stock consists of an additional 500cc Buddy Bottle. As such it’s a long time between fills which makes it an ideal rifle for anyone with good numbers of quarry to account for in one session.

With an easily adjustable three position power output setting this is also one of the most versatile rifles ever produced. It can be set for bench rest 6ft/lbs competition / target shooting through to full power sub 12 ft/lbs hunting mode.

The rifle has done ‘all of nothing’ to date. The original buyer fell ill very soon after purchasing it and later died. The only point to mention is that he engraved his post code to the bottom of the grip. ….obviously intended on keeping it! His widow then passed it on to the vendor but he shoots bench rest / target only and already has top of the range Steyr and Anschutz target rifles and pistols. AGAIN the gun sat there unused.

Spare 8 shot magazine included too.

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