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This is actually another of my own personal guns that has been sat in my cabinet for FAR TOO LONG.
The way my time disappears these days I just do not get a chance to even think about it, let alone get out to shoot the thing. If anyone else wants to make up a great ‘partnership’ then lets get things put together and Ime sure you wont be disappointed.

YES, the metal finish isnt pristine but it is a relatively mature gun that HAS done some shooting. Nothing excessive and the action is certainly still in decent order.
28 ” Fixed choke barrels at 3/4 and 1/2.
A VERY pretty and WELL FIGURED Walnut stock with a 3/4″ or so extension. I did it to suit myself.
The action is bright finished with a light and pleasant engraving around the borders.
It is a ‘LONDON GUN’ from one of the best known makers. Not in the same circles as the likes of B oss, H olland’s and P urdey’s but could well have been with more Royal patronage earlier…who knows ?

All in all I always had a great deal of enjoyment when out with this gun. I certainly dropped plenty as well as missed my share but it is a CLASSIC ENGLISH made Side by Side Shotgun with the balance and kind of weight only we excelled at when this was made.
Somewhere I do have the details from what is ( ? ) now Atkin Grant and Lang about who it was actually made and when.