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2 SHOT Double Auto Browning 12g Semi-Automatic Shotgun dating all the way back to 1960 production. (As information direct from Browning US). Apparently detail online is / WAS incorrect in that production of these guns ran from 1952 to 1971. With only around 67,000 ever made its not a big number for any to survive. Testament to just how good they are that they do!

For more history you are probably best simply checking details out on Wikipedia where I just amended dates. 26-09-2023. Or other accurate sites.

Becoming quite collectable as people ‘discover’ just how well designed and superbly well made these guns are. (As the even older Auto 5 options were that John Browning originally designed). Also the fact they are getting harder and harder to find means they are likely to only go one way in value. Even if they don’t you have a gun you can have some great shooting with. Just enjoy while you wait and see.

This gun came in from a previous customer who had put a small collection of 5 together over many years. He WOULD like them to find an equally appreciative new home.

27” (685mm) Barrel with Raised and Ventilated ¼” (6mm) Rib. Single front sighting bead and fixed choke at a loose Full. Chambered 2 ¾” (70mm). Stock pull is 14 ¼” (360mm) and brings in an overall length of 46 ½” (1180mm). Scales show a weight of 7 lbs 5 ½ oz (3.336 Kg). As such a Standard Model that’s lost a few ounce in the last 63 years!

Generally GREAT condition considering its age. The original Pressed Horn Butt Plate is still in place too. Highly Decorative Rounded Prince of Wales Pistol Grip to a Well Patterned Walnut Stock. Great Colour Contrast through to Black. Chequering still Very Good and no damage to the forend from people trying to strip barrels the wrong way. If you are not SURE just ask.

Grey Nitrite Finished Steel Action Detailed with TWELVETTE just above the loading port. The usual Simple but Nice Panels of Scrollwork Engraving with a Zig-Zag pattern Border all around the outer edges. Roller Ball style safety positioned to the rear on the Trigger Guard.