BRNO 7×57 ZKK 600

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BRNO 7X57 ( .275 ) from WAY WAY back ……Try 1949 !
Another rifle from my ‘ SLEEPER CUPBOARD COLLECTION ‘ this is just a TRUE CLASSIC. Stamped up as follows : ZBROJOVKA BRNO, NARODNI PODNIK to the L/H of the action with the 1949 date stamp and a ‘ nice touch ‘ ( showing perhaps just how much pride the company had in those days ) there is also a small banner with NOT ENGLISH MADE stamped inside ! Also stamped up 7×57 ( .275 ) ….as they ALL SHOULD BE in this great calibre !
The ONLY points to raise are the front sight blade cover /shroud would appear to be missing BUT, that said, there are no grooves, normally there, that a cover would slide into and a small chip to the heel which has a very neat repair. Other than that I will challenge you to find a better example in an original rifle that’s now 67 years old….. I hope I ware as well ( not a hope in hell ) !
The rifle DOES just OOZE of an era where QUALITY reigned. Fitted with its original Z eiss fixed 6 power scope, 3 way heavy post sniper reticle in QD mounts you also have the original open sights with a fixed 100 yard blade and a folding 200 yard option. A fully adjustable double set trigger should allow for absolute precision shooting too. A delightful little ‘ micro ‘ Schnable for end adds another dimension to a pretty stock where chequering is still pretty crisp and sharp. The chiselled Butter knife bolt handle is just a dream to look at touch and use too. Everything comes together and just completes the classic lines of a superb TOP quality rifle that ANY TOP rifle maker would be proud to lay their name to….. this just SCREAMS quality, care and attention to detail right through from tip to toe.
Yet again, another rifle I don’t mind keeping for myself …. It’s been here a few years already and is only something that’s going to become even harder to find and rarer by the day so not only a great collection piece but also an investment AND you can use it too so just about perfect !

This is hopefully also going to appeal MASSIVELY to our delightful ‘ cousins ‘ across the puddle they call the Atlantic. I’m still happy to export to you even though we can get sweet bugger all sent back but I realise your law makers are as mad as ours so it is what it is. ( Just bare in mind it is not inexpensive to get a gun all that way…unless you buy several so costs can divide ).