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BRNO 12g OVER and UNDER PORTED BARREL SET                                   

BRNO Model ZH102 spare / replacement barrel set for a 12g Over and Under Boxlock None Ejector. These will also fit the ZH101 model shotguns too. Measuring in at 26” including the FULLY PORTED muzzles both barrels are FULLY wide open chokes for use with solid slug / ball etc. These are designed as a dangerous / driven game option for Wild Boar etc. The top rib is a solid 10mm and includes 12mm dovetails to accommodate mounts and a scope. Side ribs are absent apart from either end to allow fast cooling of the barrels etc.

I DO HAVE a couple of shotguns in stock that these will fit too and as a foot note they ARE actually BEAUTIFULLY WELL MADE GUNS. The design and engineering is unusual but SUPERB.

This could well prove a VERY handy combination set for anyone shooting things like wild boar, as said, but also as a ‘back up’ gun in dangerous game situations where the option of a couple of solid one ounce (or even more) slugs in quick succession might be needed to stop something in its tracks. For a ‘close quarter’ encounter there is not a lot available out there with better stopping power, even in a rifle, unless it’s a ‘double’! May well appeal to anyone running Safari etc. as a CHEAP option for staff to carry? It makes even a basic rifle with anywhere near the capability look positively expensive!

I also have an action for spares as well as a stock but this does have a crack in it. However….anyone with a smashed stock this will be better than nothing!