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Model 18M Single Shot 12g Shotgun from Baikal in Russia. 24 ½” (624mm) Barrel with 2 3/3” (70mm) Chamber with a 14 3/8” (365mm) Stock. Tips scales at 5 Lbs 11 oz (2.588 Kg) and an overall length of 40 ½” (1035mm).

A shame its not a smaller calibre. But with a light weight cartridge this could be ideal for a starting gun for a youngster. Ordinarily I would not actually bother doing an advert for this. However its in such GOOD condition and SO Pretty for a Baikal I made and exception. Not at all far from as new I can find only a single blemish really worth detailing. A small bump that would hopefully lift out and disappear with a good steam at time or two.

EXCELLENT Grain Pattern, Highly Decorative Stock with a Beaver Tail style forend. Bottom Lever opening, the action also features a cocking indicator to the top tang. Safety is positioned just to the rear of the trigger and is a cross action type. Still retaining the original Baikal Embossed Butt Plate. This is not a folder but the forend easily detaches allowing the barrel to be pivoted off the action. As such this can be a very discreet gun very quickly and easily put back ready to shoot within seconds.

PLEASE bear in mind this price does not realistically cover the time involved let alone paperwork, shop space and advertising. If you want something cheaper then buy it elsewhere.


Anyone looking for a GREAT budget end but very versatile and useable shotgun Baikal ARE actually EXTREMELY difficult to match let alone beat. Point this in the right place and squeeze the trigger at the right moment. You WILL get the exact same result as something for 10x the money!