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Traditional (and ALWAYS amongst the VERY BEST) Match 54 Small Bore .22 Rim Fire Target Rifle from Anschutz, Germany.

28 ¼” (718mm) Heavy Weight Match Grade Target Barrel and a GREAT VERY Early example. Given the serial number along with the lack of date stamp detail to barrel or action the rifle is circa. 1960 production. That started in 54 as the model number suggests. With a serial number in the mid 17 thousands this is certainly the oldest example I can remember having.

Stock pull is currently 14 ¼” (362mm) to include the ½” (12mm) extension piece currently fitted. Easily removed or added to as required. Together that gives an overall length of 47 ¼” (1200mm) and seriously ‘solid’ 11 Lbs 5 oz (5.13 Kg) Total Bare weight.

Apparently a single owner since brand new who ‘gifted’ it to a long standing friend when he retired from shooting. It then sat in his cabinet for quite a few years. The only shooting he does being full bore vintage / military. This came in part exchange against a No4 .303 and now needs another good home. It is highly likely this will still be more capable than most people squeezing the trigger.

I would suspect the stock finish has been re-done. Certainly amazing if not given the age this will be. Either way it is certainly a nice enough job with minimal to zero damage worth detailing.

Chequering is also still very clean and well defined and the grip area features a very nice Palm Swell. The usual flush fitted accessory rail mounted to the forend underside too.

As said, no date stamp to the action or barrel. Only the German Eagle proof stamp. The Anschutz Logo is slightly heavier and bigger to the front of the action too.

Fully Adjustable Match Grade Target Trigger which is currently operating as a single stage with a delightfully clean break. Not sure without checking if there is two stage operation if adjusted in.

The action also features a standard dovetail rail to the back ring portion. As such a suitable scope will easily drop on. Alternatively I will have a complete set of original Dioptre Tiger Sights to add / supply at a discounted cost.