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The new ANSCHÜTZ target small bore barreled action 54.30 is the evolution of the legendary ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action. The new 54.30 is based on ideas an requirements established in modern target shooting are backed-up with decades of testing and proven components.

The small bore Match 54.30 action distinguishes itself by following items

  • Basis for the new rifle is the well known and reliable ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action.
  • The loading port was moved 30mm rewards and was reduced in size by 18%, resulting in a more rigid receiver.
  • The closer location of the loading port allows for less movement when in position and an overall improvment in shooter ergonomics.
  • To accomodate the closer location of the loading port, the bolt and the firing pin were reduced in length by 30mm.
  • The weight of the firing pin was also reduced, thus resulting in a velocity increase of the firing pin and a shorter lock-time.
  • The overall accuracy has been improved by a newly designed target chamber.
  • Unlike match actions in the past, the new Match 54.30 features a threaded receiver and barrel connection.
  • This change removes stresses in the chamber area and further increases accuracy.
  • The new Match 54.30 can be installed into all available stocks which fit with the ANSCHÜTZ round match actions such as the 1907 or 1913.
  • Like other ANSCHÜTZ products, the Match 54.30 features a maintenance – friendly and long lasting overall construction.

Here you can download the product-flyer to our new model 54.30 for free.

Aluminum stock Precise 1918

  • Milled out of high quality strength aluminum, this stock has a very slim fore-end with large radius and is suitable for all hand sizes.
  • High polished surface is sealed with Nano technology for long-term protection.
  • Holes drilled into the fore-end stock guarantee a constant barrel temperature during shooting (chimney-effect).
  • Optimum vibration behaviour, stability and shooting precision by wedge-shaped design, calculated by vibration test analysis.
  • A progressional and millimetre accurate scaling at the cheek piece adjustment, height adjustment, grip adjustment and at the fore-end exclude mixups of parameters due to various positions and allows an optimum re-positioning of adjustments and accessories.
  • Pistol grip is variably adjustable to both sides and can be turned. The unique and variable adjustment possibilities avoid an inadvertent movement with the help of threaded rods.
  • Multifunctional, stable and variable cheek piece notch adjustment with especially large adjusting range and precise adjustment of horizontal and vertical adjustment allows an optimum adaptation/ correction to the position. The cheek piece can be adjusted in two different ranges.
  • Stock extension can be positioned continuously with strong threaded columns and knurled nuts. The actuated, positive form and force-fit clamping on the columns guarantee utmost stability.
  • Large knurled head screws at cheek piece and length adjustment offer high operating comfort without having to use any tools.
  • New backend offers large range of adjustment. The minimum length adjustment of the backend makes the stock also suitable for small shooters.

Delivered with
Transport gun case MEGA, tube, rear sight bridge, hand stop 6226, fore-end raiser block, accessory box, screw driver, Allan key, manual and test target. Without sight set.


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