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Web site STILL causing fun!

To any and all waiting patiently as well as any newcomers to the site we ARE working to get things improved and HOPEFULLY progress will be made soon. Waiting to hear back on a number of issues from various places not least the site designer and the hosting company.

As things are I feel like a tennis ball at the minute but they do say patience is a virtue.I also find a good swift kick where the sun does not shine from also tends to concentrate the mind!

WATCH THIS SPACE (SITE).    Thanks for your patience everyone.

There ARE also some other BIG changes due to start next week with work to the new showroom now finally approved by the council.


Apologies to anyone who recently found a problem trying to log on and look through the latest postings, goodies and gear and find web site problems. The OLD server decided to close access between Christmas and New Year because of too much traffic from Google! It did get sorted out almost immediately (with an apology) but then the new year dawned and they were ‘at it again’ with about 2 hours’ notice to choose a higher tariff / contract…. even though THEY told us what was needed at the start! Ordinarily what should take under 24 hours to swap the site over to a new provider was beyond their capabilities as they tried to basically hold us to ransom in order to get me to sign up to a higher tariff.

The company?

Heart Internet. (BASTARDS)! ……. BEWARE.

It’s all well and good (and GREAT news) that the site was generating that much interest but to

1/ renege on the original contract,

2/ close access down with just about zero notice to organise anything else or even decide on a different package,

3/ refuse to advise on a suitable package where they would not just decide to do the same thing again at any point,

4/ keep any and all access to do a domain transfer for as long as possible (in order to cause MAXIMUM disruption, damage and problems

ANYONE reading this PLEASE take note and if your site is hosted there seriously consider moving it BEFORE you end up ‘blowing in the wind’ with no option other than ‘paying up’ or sorting out a move to a more reputable server. (I CAN RECOMMEND BOTH OF THE PLACES I USED)!


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